Pace Executive series

Building Blocks for a New Ag Value Chain

From emerging and evolving consumer preferences downstream to changing farmer demands upstream, the agriculture value chain is undergoing rapid transformation. The impact of the pandemic revealed both vulnerabilities and opportunities for stakeholders who are battling to maintain relevancy within the new ag value chain.

CropLife Media will preside over a series of online learning and networking opportunities and special reports as part of its PACE Executive Series. Programming will continue regularly through 2021, leading up to the launch of the PACE Executive Forum, October 25-27, 2021 at the Marriott Country Club Plaza in Kansas City.

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The Impact of Consumer Preference on the Food and Ag Value Chain

Presenters: Rob Dongoski and Jonathan Phillips, EY
Recorded 10/27/2020 • Length: 2:15hr

Trends and Disruptions: The Farm Economy and the Next Decade

Presenter: David Widmar, Agricultural Economic Insights
Recorded 12/3/20 • Length:2:00hr

Retail 2025: Keys to Long Term Viability in Ag Retail

Digital Release on January 4, 2021

Trends and Disruptions: The Farm Economy and the Next Decade

December 3, 2020

A sluggish U.S. farm economy has struggled through a trade war and global pandemic, but many questions linger about 2021 and beyond. How will producers and production agriculture sort through sector trends and disruptions the next decade might have in store? This session will present the key questions and underlying data to consider, followed by a panel discussion of potential implications for the agricultural business that support producers.


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