KANSAS CITY, Mo. –- Globalization, consolidation, regulatory challenges, an influx of digital technology, and the changing demands of farmers and consumers are fundamentally shifting the way business is conducted in every segment of the agriculture value chain. Understanding the future will unlock the near-term strategies needed for ag businesses to survive and sustain.

This fall, thought leaders and experts from every segment of the agriculture and crop production value chain will gather to learn, network, and strategize at the inaugural PACE Executive Forum, October 26-28, 2020, in Kansas City, MO. CropLife Media, the leading brand serving the agricultural distribution channel, is hosting the event.

Featuring the theme “Building a New Ag Value Chain,” this intensive conference is designed to create an ideal environment for learning and networking. “Our goal is to create a cross-segment dialogue on the future of the entire value chain, including manufacturing at every level, ag distribution and retail, food processing and manufacturing, along with consumer retail,” says Paul Schrimpf, Group Editor of CropLife Media and Conference Chair.

The PACE Executive Forum evolved out of more than two decades of success with CropLife Media’s PACE Program, a professionalism initiative for the input distribution channel. In collaboration with a 24-member Advisory Council representing every segment of the value chain, PACE led and supported myriad educational efforts to improve and sustain the ag value chain.

“With the PACE Executive Forum, we look forward to extending this conversation to a broader audience of thought leaders,” says Schrimpf.

The PACE Executive Forum invites broad participation and delivers a robust education lineup, including:

  • New efficiencies in the distribution channel
  • Preparing the value chain for a changing grower
  • Understanding the impact of consumers, food, and regulation

The high-end conference includes an attendee mix that models the PACE Advisory Council: retail and distribution; crop input, equipment, and technology providers; downstream players; and allied participants in associations, government, financial, insurance, and other professions.

“The organizations and individuals that compromise agriculture’s value chain have endured an intense decade of evolution,” Schrimpf acknowledges. “And ultimately, it will be up to the current players in the existing value chain to find their futures as part of a new, more connected and collaborative system,” Schrimpf says. “By imagining the future, we can decide how to prepare now for what likely lies ahead.”

Contact Program Chair Paul Schrimpf for program and media inquiries.

For exhibitions and sponsorship opportunities, contact Group Business Director Eric Davis.

Contact Show Director Katie Smith regarding registration and general inquiries.

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 PACE is a professionalism initiative of the CropLife Media Group that identifies, gathers and shares information and ideas about best practices for progressive ag retailers. By aggregating information gathered through internal research and the input of our PACE Advisory Council, PACE provides a strategic roadmap for the CropLife Media Group for developing and bringing information and ideas to the ag retail community via print, web, and live events.

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