Doug Grott

Wilbur-Ellis Co.

Doug embarked into his career in agriculture after finishing his Ag-Business degree from Arizona State University. Once completing his degree in 2003 he moved to the Willamette Valley in Western Oregon to begin his tenure with Wilbur-Ellis Co. While not coming from a farming family Doug’s first role as an agronomist gave him a first-rate education in farming and agriculture through the farmers and community, he worked in.

Doug took that education and those experiences to grow professionally within Wilbur-Ellis. Before moving into his current role as the Director of Digital Technology, he held Business Development roles in both a regional and national capacity and prior to that he managed two full-service retail locations in the Willamette Valley.

As the Director of Digital Technology for Wilbur-Ellis Co., Doug’s role encompasses a few key areas of focus. Those areas are, supporting and leading the software development group, Field Technology teams and Wilbur Ellis’s water management business Probe Schedule.

Living in Mesa Arizona, the weather provides Doug the perfect climate to enjoy running, cycling and adventuring with his 4 kids.