Sarah Waltner

Senior Director of Global Sales

Sarah Waltner is a global leader who has been committed to Raven’s success for almost 20 years. She has been a member of the Senior team of three different divisions over the last 14 years, providing leadership on strategy, growth, and increasing customer value.  Sarah has a passion and proven track record for building high-performing teams and leaders. She has been instrumental in growing Raven’s international business, deepening the focus on digital solutions, and strengthening Raven’s passion for creating customer value.

Waltner is a proven business leader who has tackled challenges and tough situations in roles from technical to operational to sales and business. She is a driven, resilient, and results-oriented leader who enables teams to work together, increase results and grow the business.  She excels in times of change and uncertainty, providing calm and clear leadership that allows teams to focus on the critical few areas that matter and drive the business forward in a positive and cohesive way.