Bob Trogele

AMVAC, a subsidiary of American Vanguard Corporation (stock symbol AVD)

Bob Trogele, has enjoyed a 34 year leadership career in Agribusiness, working for “large caps” such as Hoechst, Aventis and Bayer, and “mid-caps” such as Schering and FMC. He has working experience and knowledge in Europe, Asia and the Americas at all levels of Agribusiness crop segments and systems (chemical, nutrient, seed, biologicals and precision agriculture). In addition, he has worked at the country, regional and corporate general management level. Further, Trogele has been a voluntary Adjunct Professor at the Berlin School of Economics & Law for 23 years, educating Asian European MBA’s as future leaders in global business and society. He is an independent board director of Clean Seeds Capital Group and the Farm Journal Foundation, and sits on the board of the Agricultural Retailer Association.

AMVAC, an American Vanguard Company, is a global developer and producer of pest control products for the agricultural, turf, ornamental and greenhouse, professional and consumer, and vector control markets. AMVAC owns and operates four manufacturing locations in North America with subsidiaries in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our product portfolio includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, molluscides, fumigants, plant nutrients, bio-rational chemicals and biologicals. AMVAC also manufactures and sells SmartBox® closed handling equipment for the application of granular soil insecticide products. AMVAC is a leader in precision application with the new SIMPAS.  SIMPAS represents a major evolution in the advancement of easy, accurate, at-plant, in-furrow prescriptive application of multiple products in a single pass.